Useful Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

Manual Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

Manual ways will ensure active two way participation with your followers. In fact, these followers will be more interactive than the ones you will get from automatic ways since they either more directly chose to follow you. These steps are more time consuming to detail out but are pretty effective and highly recommended.

Informative Twitter Bio

People look at your Bio more curiously and will only follow you if they find it sweet and attractive. Include keywords on which your blog is focused to make it short and sweet.  Include your Site URL as well and making a few of those keywords hashtags can’t hurt.

Twitter Profile Background

Twitter allows you to add custom background to your twitter profile. Make use of this feature to display all sort of information which you feel would be appealing and catch the minds of your twitter followers. Don’t be in hurry to add some low pixelated image. That will make a bad impression on your followers and come off unprofessional. Ideally, 1024×768 resolution is perfect to accommodate most monitor sizes.  Include key information like website, contact email and or brand name and logo’s to leave a lasting impression.

Active Involvement on Twitter

Your followers would expect your active involvement in twitter conversations. Join in such conversations and interact with your followers effectively. Following them would be even better and will leave good impression in their mind, but follow them and converse with them about topics they are talking about.  Look for hashtags, organize your followers into Twitter lists based on their common keywords/interests and network often.

A hash tag is another awesome feature provided by twitter. Using them in your regular tweets along with your keywords will definitely increase twitter followers. People often make use of twitter search to find relevant tweets and these hash tags will be key factor in getting your tweets in search results of twitter.  You can use Twitter Search to find people conversing on trends and follow them directly, or use tools like Tweetchat to join conversations on popular topics.

Recent Tweets On Your Blog

There are number widgets available to place recent tweets on your blog/website. You can try official twitter widget for the same. The general idea behind this is very simple, when user visits your site from other referral sites or search engine, they won’t understand that your blog has twitter profile. A good placement of such a widget will notify them about your recent tweets. If the user finds them useful then he/she will certainly follow you right from that widget.

Time Zones

Check your analytics report and find out which country is on top in driving good amount of traffic. You need to adjust your tweets according to their time zone or schedule your tweets to go out a 2nd time at a later time period to help catch the most attention from your followers. If you are able to do so, schedule your tweets accordingly with tools like, Gremln, Futuretweets, Twuffer, or Hootsuite.

Host/Co-Host a Contest

This is one of the best ways to increase Twitter followers. This will also help you to get more Facebook fanpage likes or carry out any other particular tasks. Co-hosting such contests might not only allow you to increase Twitter followers. Rafflecopter would be excellent way to start running contests on your blog or search for Rafflecopter contests on Google and network with other bloggers offering to Sponsor or Microsponsor and jump in on their contests.

Tweet Often

You should take care of your social presence on Twitter as well as other social networks. Tweeting very often might seem boring, but do decide on certain time intervals and try to tweet in that time period. A minimum of two tweets per day should be good way to interact with your followers. You don’t always need to tweet about articles though and in fact should make many of your tweets manual and not include any links at all. You can ask your followers certain questions or puzzles to attract their attention or simply tweet some of your favorite quotes, phrases or tips.

At the end, it depends on you! How you interact and keep your followers engaged with your tweets, will often help determine how quickly your Twitter following will grow.

P.S.  How to get quality Twitter Followers? Whether you are a blogger, marketer, businessman or social media user  you can’t ignore the importance of twitter in promoting your blog,  website, products, ideas, art or business. One of the most important things to do then is to get the most out of Twitter, and that means getting quality Twitter Followers.

Increasing your twitter followers is not a big task. If you follow people or companies who are using auto follow tools or people with almost same followers /following ratio; your followers will definitively increase but what benefit your brand will get from it? Nothing more than useless large number of followers.

Quality followers are your most important asset on Twitter. These followers are actually the ones who listen to you, buy your products, and reply and retweet  your tweets. These followers are hard to get but they are worth your hard work.

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