Internet Links Scam

Backlinks Internet scams

Backlinks Internet scams

linedividerThe Internet is based on links. If there weren’t links, the Internet wouldn’t exist. And be sure that stupidity is very well linked.
Carl William Brown

First of all let me affirm strongly that I couldn’t care less about Facebook, Twitter, Google, Internet Page Rank and all that stinky stuff, but since as an old Samurai I use my writing as a Katana meditation exercise sometimes I find it useful for my genes to divulge my thoughts, that’s why I use the technique of links building. And now that’s the amusing story.

On the 9th of march 2014 I paid 297,00 USD with my Paypal account to Seo Systems and Services for a “Monster TITAN Web2.0 Package”, an offer I had seen on this website
They said the order would need at least 35 days to be completed, but at the moment of writing, after more than 50 days, I received neither a report for their services nor a reply to my email written to ask for information about the affair. Since then the website has been completely modified, (but I have the whole old website downloaded from web archive) and the services they offered have been substituted by a lot of chaotic advertisements about different SEO services offered by various unidentified subjects. I am not interested in what the website is now, I am interested in what they sold before, that is at the time when I made my order. I am perfectly conscious that nowadays there are a lot of whores and a lot of drugs all around, and so my money might have been employed for other purposes different for the original ones, but this is just one possibility, and it is a mere hypothesis, nonetheless the only pragmatic answer to my doubts is this one: the website, as far as I am concerned is pure scam, even though, to tell the truth, in the past I had ordered some other services, and they had been fully satisfied.

Before analyzing the product they said to offer, I want to specify very clearly that I don’t mean to ask for my money back, since I am a philantropist, and therefore I am very glad that some prostitutes who needed a bit of money may have taken some advantages from my modest donation, even though in the future I would like to choose the subjects of my charity personally and not through the false presentations of this internet company, anyway.

For the knowledge of the vast public the Web 2.0 Premium Backlinks Package was a service where you could submit 1 URL and up to 8 keywords and they should have created backlinks on web 2.0 websites, including Blogs, Profiles, Wikis, Press Release, Video, Social Bookmarks and RSS Feeds; this package would have resulted in 2200+ Web 2.0 Backlinks, if, and I must be very clear and down to earth, if, no persons fairly sexually promiscuous had interfered with the process. So I must continue affirming that was a site that could be very beneficial for any webmaster looking to get his/her site ranked high in all the major search engines, in the past, but not any longer, due also to the various changes and policies adopted by the main spiders. As a matter of fact this site used to sell multiple types of backlinking packages so you could get a very good link diversity pointed towards your website, I mean you could, becuase what I have received is the confirmation that they are scammers, or to be more precise they followed a fraudulent business scheme.

But let’s read what they publicised before meeting those gentle bawds, cocottes, cyprians, fancy women, harlots, ladies of pleasure, prostitutes, sporting ladies, tarts, women of the street, working girls I mentioned above. was established in June of 2010 by SeoMerTech. Monster Backlinks was created in the goals to get all the novice and seasoned webmasters to rank their websites on the first page of all the major search engines. This site has done deals with some of the top 1,000 companies in the world and shows no sign of slowing down. They are constantly upgrading their features but keeping their prices low so that everyone can buy one or two packages and still dominate the Search Engine rankings. With even the underdog can compete with fortune 500 companies for competitive keywords that are very hard to rank for unless you have endless funds.

In short… now is the largest marketplace for SEO; there is no any way to scam or be scammed here. Monster Backlinks is 100% safe for every website owner unless some nice hustlers, slatterns, streetwalkers, floozies, floozies or hookers happen to make their apparition in the meanwhile.

Carl William Brown

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  1. daimonclub says:

    So, now, to be still more precise for the benefits of my readers let’s see what I collected online about the services of these poor cheaters.

    “I was highly impressed with this package. My keyword rankings have improved drastically since ordering. The backlink report contains everything promised. I will be back for more. Thanks Monsterbacklinks :)”

    “I have already ordered these packages three times from MonsterBacklinks. My previous websites keyword rankings are still high, and my current websites rankings are going up. This package is very comprehensive with the number of modules it contains. A great place to get link diversity to your site.”

    “Our Newest Packages To Fight the Google Penguin and Panda! These are our newest, revamped, most powerful backlink packages. These new, redesigned, web2.0 products provide even more link diversity for your site with links from various web 2.0 websites, including Blogs, Profiles, Wikis, Video, Social Bookmarks and Doc Sharing Sites.

    “As of yesterday, all 3 sites I’ve put into the system are tanking BADLY! to the extent that I’m starting to think that Google is not only discounting the links from the SEO link-monster network, but also punishing my sites for getting backlinks from the network. of course I can’t be 100% certain that it’s SEO link monster, but let me put it this way: I put 3 sites in, keep all other backlinking the same, and ONLY the sites that are getting SEO link monster backlinks are going down big time. I’m not a happy puppy. Veit!

    “Don’t do Monsterbacklinks! You do get links but they are low low low low low quality and do nothing! It won’t matter how many you get. They are junk and not even valuable to rank. You got to do backlinks on your own by leaving your anchor text to article directories. That’s what I am headed for.”

    “Has anyone used Monster Backlinks. com?
    I tried it.. and I really Wish I could have my money back.”