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    • India's Infosys approves up to $2 billion buyback of shares
      MUMBAI (Reuters) - India's second-biggest IT firm Infosys said on Saturday it will buy back shares worth up to 130 billion rupees ($2 billion), a day after Vishal Sikka resigned as chief executive after a long-running feud with the company's founders.
    • Shift from non-GAAP bottom lines could be good for stock prices
      SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Investors worried about lofty stock-market valuations may take comfort in signs that companies in the benchmark S&P 500 index are padding their bottomlines less than they have in previous years.
    • Elliott lawyer says third bidder may top Buffett's Oncor bid
      (Reuters) - An unidentified utility could pay $9.3 billion to buy Texas power transmission company Oncor Electric Delivery Co, topping Berkshire Hathaway Inc's $9 billion bid, a lawyer for the largest creditor of Oncor's parent told a U.S. bankruptcy judge on Friday.

Care & Communication

Caring and Sharing  Ideas News and Values

Caring and Sharing Ideas News and Values

linedividerCaring is giving, service, love, helpfulness. Caring is kindness, generosity, unselfishness, sacrifice. You can show you care with your actions, with your words, with your thoughts, with material gifts and, most important of all, with your actions.

Ciò che accade in noi è sempre un evento interpersonale, giacché sussiste una rete di rapporti tra noi e gli altri.
Eric Fromm

The love of life is the wish to further growth, whether in a person, a plant, an idea, or a social group. The person who has a love of life prefers to construct rather than to retain. He is capable of wondering, and he prefers to see something new rather than to find confirmation of the old. He loves the adventure of living more than he does certainty. He sees the whole rather than only the parts, structures rather than summations. He wants to mold and to influence by love, reason, and example; not by […] the bureaucratic manner of administering people as if they were things.
Love of life is so much a biologically given quality in man that one should assume that, aside from a small minority, it can always come to the fore, although usually only under special personal and historical circumstances. We need to create the conditions that would make the growth of man, this unfinished and uncompleted being – unique in nature – the supreme goal of all social arrangements. Genuine freedom and independence and the end of all forms of exploitative control are the conditions for mobilizing the love of life, which is the only force that can defeat the love for death.
Erich Fromm in “The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness”

All people are in need of help and depend on one another. Human solidarity is the necessary condition for the unfolding of any one individual.
Erich Fromm in “The Art of Loving”

The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.
Thomas Jefferson

There is no concept of man in which I myself am not included. Respect for one’s own integrity and uniqueness, love for and understanding of one’s own self, cannot be separated from respect and love and understanding for another individual. The love for my own self is inseparably connected with the love for any other being.
Erich Fromm in “The Art of Loving”

Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence
Erich Fromm

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