Beware of Internet Scammers

Beware of Internet Scams and Scammers

Beware of Internet Scams and Scammers

linedividerAn attempt to change that came with Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates to the many criteria that go into creating what they call their ‘algorithms’. Unfortunately, in driving out the ‘black hat’ SEO people, Google has also made it difficult for those who play by the rules to implement workable techniques.
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On the 9th of march 2014 I paid 297,00 USD with my Paypal account to Seo Systems and Services for a “Monster TITAN Web2.0 Package”, an offer I had seen on this website They said the order would need at least 35 days to be completed, but at the moment of writing, after 70 days, I received neither a report for their services nor a reply to my email written to ask for information about the affair. Since then the website has been completely modified, and the services they offered have been substituted by a lot of chaotic advertisments about different SEO services offered by various not better identified entities. I am not interested in what the website is now, I am interested in what they sold before, and that is why I am reporting what they offered at the time I made my erotic order.

Web 2.0 Package Link Structure and Package Details
With the Web2.0 Packages, a unique 500 word article will be created, related to the first keyword submitted in your order. This article will be spun to at least 60% uniqueness and then submitted to various Web2.0 properties, most with high PR. Social Bookmarks are also created for your site.
One backlink will be placed on each page that links to your site.
Drip Feed Backlinks. These links will be drip fed over a period of 10-15 days to resemble a more natural link building process. This will further benefit your websites rankings.
Multi Tier Link Building
A link pyramid structure is used in these packages – Backlinks are created for your backlinks.
In the 1st tier of backlinks, web2.0 properties, blogs, wikis and various other high powered sites are linked to your main site.
In the 2nd tier, wikis and social bookmarks are linked to the 1st tier pages.
In the 3rd tier, wikis are linked to the 2nd tier pages (available in Sphinx and TITAN packages).
This structure adds more “link juice” to your new links which will flow down to your site, and increases the indexing rate of the links.
Your submitted URL and keywords will be used as anchor text for optimum SEO benefit.
All these Backlinks will be Submitted to Linklicious and Lindexed for Better Indexing and High Crawling Rate.

Ok, now if you are still not sure about the services proposed by such poor wretched beggars, and if you are not eager to place an order any longer, I would suggest you to ask them for some pictures of the concubines, courtesans and nymphomaniacs they are attending while trying to earn some money from the web, so that you can make up your mind and take a profitable decision, if not for your pockets, at least for the benefits of the different whores that are lurking around.

Carl William Brown

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