Beware of Internet Scammers

An attempt to change that came with Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates to the many criteria that go into creating what they call their ‘algorithms’. Unfortunately, in driving out the ‘black hat’ SEO people, Google has also made it difficult for those who play by the rules to implement workable techniques. Mike Beeson On the 9th of march 2014 I paid 297,00 USD with my Paypal account to Seo Systems and Services for a … Continue reading

Backlinks and Seo Strategies

Google has a really hard problem to solve. It’s not unlike the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. PageRank stopped working really well when people began to understand how PageRank worked. The act of Google trying to “understand” the web caused the web itself to change. Blogs are only a recent example of that. Oddly, unlike many of the previous problems with Google (see also: search engine optimization companies; link spammers; google bombing), blogs were not designed to … Continue reading

News about Italy in Italian

Un principe italiano del rinascimento, quando il prete che lo assisteva vicino al letto di morte gli chiese se aveva da pentirsi di qualche cosa, gli disse: “Si, di una: tempo fa ho ricevuto contemporaneamente la visita dell’imperatore e del papa. Io li ho condotti in cima alla mia torre ad osservare il panorama, ma non ho approfittato dell’occasione per buttarli di sotto tutti e due, cosa che mi avrebbe dato una fama immortale”. Carl … Continue reading

Internet Links Scam

The Internet is based on links. If there weren’t links, the Internet wouldn’t exist. And be sure that stupidity is very well linked. Carl William Brown First of all let me affirm strongly that I couldn’t care less about Facebook, Twitter, Google, Internet Page Rank and all that stinky stuff, but since as an old Samurai I use my writing as a Katana meditation exercise sometimes I find it useful for my genes to divulge … Continue reading